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Alex Morgaann

Alex Morgaann has been with us for the past 10 years and today he is our first of nine graduate spotlights 💛
How long have you been dancing? 10 years
Favourite style and why? Contemporary and Lyrical – creative movements and either intense or meaningful songs.
Favourite dance memory?
The final competition on my final season
Favourite dance routine? We Are The Ones and Change and Change Is Everything

Bri Simmons

She has been at Spotlight since 7 years old 🥹 and dancing since 3!
Favourite style – contemporary because it allows you to feel all of your emotions and express them creatively
Favourite memory- preforming my last dances at competition
Favourite routine- mime 🎭and lanterns lit

Nick Bavaro

Introducing Nick 🖤 Our next 🎓 spotlight
How long have you been dancing?
11 years
Favourite style and why?
Contemporary because it allows me to express everything through a beautiful and meaningful way.
Favourite dance memory at spotlight?
Having the ability to come back🥹
Favourite dance routine you have done?
My first and final contemporary solo
We will miss Nicks passion and his ability to make anyone smile 🥰

Abby Mottershead

Meet Abby Mottershead 🫶
How long have you been dancing?I’ve been dancing since I was 5 and I have been at Spotlight since I was 7
Favourite style and why?
My favourite style is lyrical because you get to move so freely and technically all while expressing your emotions
Favourite memory?
All of the states competitions and my last dance competition☺️
Favourite dance routine?
I’ve been a part of so many amazing routines over the years but a few of my favourites are Time 🕰️ All Coming Back and Planet Earth
Abby, we will miss how we can ask you to try anything and it always looks amazing🤩


Daisy Wood

Meet Daisy Wood 🩰 Our next 🎓!
How long have you been dancing?
8 years
Favourite style and why?
Contemporary because you can really tell a story through the movements.
Favourite dance memory?
My last time competing my solos
Favourite dance routines?
We are the ones and Read all about it
Daisy, we will miss your willingness to help others and so much more🥰


It’s Emily’s turn for our 🎓 spotlight!!!
How long have you been dancing?
I have been dancing at spotlight since I was 2 years old
Favourite style and why?
My top two favourite styles are acro and contemporary. They both allow me to learn and move in such different and interesting ways
Favourite dance memory at spotlight ?
One of my favourite memories at spotlight is just getting to work on solos, duets and trios with some of my favourite people.🥰🥰
Favourite dance routine you have done?
I think my top three would have to be Time, Lungs, and This Heart of Mine 💗
Doesn’t hearing all of their fav routines make you want to watch them again?? We love choreographing memorable routines🫶
We will miss Emily’s laugh and beautiful delicate movements on the stage ☺️


Emily Wichman

Kennedy Delicate

Introducing Kennedy Delicate !!!
She has been dancing into the spotlight for 6 years 💛
Favourite style and why?
Tap because it allows me to express myself in ways no other style can
Fav dance routine?
Car wash 🚘
Favourite dance memory? Performing my last solos at my last competitions
What will we miss about Kennedy? Her ability to make anyone laugh! 🤣


 Our last 🎓 spotlight 🥹🥹
Margot Mhegan
How long has dancing?
9️⃣ years!
Favourite dance style?
Acro 🤸‍♀️
Fav dance memory?
Competing my last solo (I see a trend here 🥰)
Fav dance routine?
Time and Willow
Margot we will miss your CRAZY stories and watching you crush improv on the stage!


Margot Mhegan

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