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The recreational program at Spotlight DanceWorks provides a stimulating and fun dance environment for students of all ages. At Spotlight DanceWorks all you have to do is love to dance! Whether for fun or fitness, recreational students receive quality dance instruction in all forms of dance from professional and enthusiastic dance teachers. We are committed to creating a fun and friendly environment where students gain team building experience and confidence. All recreational students have the chance to showcase their talent at the annual dance recital — an exciting time for everyone!

Class Description & Dress Code

Here are the program descriptions and dress code for each type of dance. For us to provide the best possible training for our students it is important for the students to dress properly for each class. Hair is to be tied back in all classes and proper footwear must be worn.

Pre-Dance (ages 2 to 4)

Pre-Dance provides an introduction to dancing. The students will learn basic ballet positions and steps and will explore creative movement and jazz technique.

Girls – Body suit with pink tights Chiffon or see-through skirts and warm-ups are optional
Footwear – Pink split-sole ballet shoes
Boys – Fitted black pants, t-shirt
Footwear – Black split-sole ballet shoes.

Acro (ages 2 and up)

Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics. Students learn how to execute acrobatic tricks combined with dance steps all set to music, improving strength, flexibility, balance and control.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance pants, shorts, tights etc. are permitted.
Footwear – Bare feet

Aerial Arts

Thrill your senses with Aerial Arts as you learn sequences of movement on apparatus suspended in the air. Aerial Arts are quite diverse, enhancing creativity, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Choose from a variety of Aerial Arts disciplines such as:

  • Straps (ages 6 and up) This is a suspended performance on suspended straps. Different held poses and postures are performed combined with dance moves and partner aerobatics that are performed on the floor without the straps. Different aerial strap poses will be taught and will vary depending on the ability of the individual. The Straps discipline is a pre-requisite to any of the other disciplines.
  • Hoop (ages 10 and up) The hoop, also known as a lyra, is a wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learns beautiful movements and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. This will assist in activating core muscles for balance and stability, as well as improving coordination and flexibility. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and ways to get up onto and down from the hoop. The advanced students are taught performance skill and technique to look as though they are spinning and dancing through the air!
  • Silks (ages 10 and up) performers look as though they are floating in mid-air while wrapped in silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling like Cirque Du Soleil. It’s great for toning up the Gluteal (bum), Abdominals (tummy), back and arms. It can improve your motor skills such as balance, coordination and flexibility through the legs and back by teaching you arches and splits. You will dance as if you are floating in the air!

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance pants, shorts, tights (legs should be covered).
Footwear – Bare feet

Ballet (ages 4 and up)

Ballet is a classical form of dance focusing on the development of grace, poise, coordination and posture, while at the same time developing muscle tone. Ballet provides the foundational techniques required for all other forms of dance. Classes integrate the following elements: barre exercises, corner work, centre work, and choreographed dances. Ballet is highly recommended for all students.

Girls – Body suit with pink tights. Chiffon or see-through skirts and warm-ups are optional.
Footwear – Pink split-sole ballet shoes
Boys – Fitted black pants, t-shirts
Footwear – Black slit-sole ballet shoes.

Cheerleading (ages 5 and up)

Cheerleading is an intense physical activity incorporating organized routines, which contain the components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting to direct spectators of events to cheer on sports teams at games or to participate in competitions. Classes cover the basics of cheerleading such as base holds, spotting and formations. Components include tumbling, dance, cheers, jumps and stunting.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, skirts, shorts, tights, fitted jogging pants etc. are permitted
Footwear – Clean white sneakers (bought specifically for dancing)

Contemporary/Lyrical (ages 8 and up)

Contemporary is an interpretive and creative form of dance, based on the body’s natural movements. The class develops strong technique while encouraging individual expression, improvisation and original choreography. Lyrical is a beautiful and expressive combination of ballet, modern and jazz. The students develop balance, extension, control, strength and flexibility, fluidity and presence. Portraying emotions invoked by the words and music, through the use of body and facial expressions is an important aspect of the dance. This class includes warm-ups, across the floor work, improvisation projects and routines.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance top & pants, shorts, tights, fitted jogging pants etc. are permitted.
Footwear – Foot paws.

Hip-Hop (ages 3 and up)

Hip Hop is an exciting free style form of dance that integrates jazz and street dancing techniques. It includes the hottest dance steps from today’s pop music videos!

Girls and Boys – Comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and jogging pants. No jeans allowed.
Footwear – Clean black sneakers (bought specifically for dancing) No street shoes allowed.

Jazz (ages 4 and up)

Jazz is a North American style of modern dance that combines co-ordination, and creative movement. It also involves muscle toning, stretching and rhythm exercises. The class consists of a centre warm up, technique, across the floor combinations, and routines.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance pants, shorts, tights etc. are permitted
Girls Footwear – Beige half soles
Boys Footwear – Foot paws

Kindergym (Moms and Tots) (ages 18 months to 3 years)

This class is an interactive program for Parents/Caregivers and babies. The program is designed to encourage balance, flexibility and strength through movement, motion and exploration, using modified equipment. By increasing these important aspects of development they improve their own kinesthetic awareness and develop balance, coordination and agility. This is a terrific foundation for body awareness and fitness and helps to ready them for activities such as dance, skating, soccer and other sports. A great activity for parent and baby! This program is for our pre-school aged children from 18 months to 4 years. * We Run 8-Week Sessions (During the day) throughout the year Starting October & January & April *

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in.
Footwear – Bare feet

Triple Threat (ages 5 and up)

Triple Threat incorporates dancing, acting, and singing. Students develop confidence as well as presentation, characterization, and vocal skills. The routines are inspired by musicals and movies. Musical theatre includes lip-synching, while song and dance requires singing. Students will also work on theatrical expression and mime. No prior training is required.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance pants, shorts, tights etc. are permitted.
Footwear – Bare feet

Tap (ages 5 and up)

Tap is a North American style of dance combining African and Irish influences. Students learn combinations and syncopated patterns with their feet that focus on timing, rhythm, and coordination. Various styles of tap dancing including classical, Broadway, funk, and hip hop will be included in the classes.

Girls and Boys – Fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Body suits, dance pants, shorts, tights etc. are permitted
Footwear – Black leather intro tap shoes

Exams (ages 6 and up)

Exams in all styles of dance are offered through the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.) on a rotating basis. Recreational and Competitive students may complete the exams. Your child’s teacher will determine if your child is ready to take the exams. Exam preparation classes are offered to interested and qualified students at an additional cost.

Girls – black body suit MUST be worn for exams. Pink tights are required for ballet exams. Beige tights are required for acro & jazz exams. Black Jazz pants are required for tap exams.
Boys – fitted black pants, white or black t-shirt.
Footwear – All shoes must match and must be appropriate for the style of dance as outlined above

**All different styles of dance complement each other and one style is not more important than another.

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