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Recreational Dance Schedule

DayStart EndAgeDance TypeClassCode Age
Tue4:15-5:002-4Acro2-4 Acro Tue
Sat9:30-10:152-4Acro2-4 Acro Sat
Tue4:15-5:002-4Pre-Dance2-4 Pre-Dance Tue
Sat9:30-10:152-4Pre-Dance2-4 Pre-Dance Sat
Fri4:15-5:003-4Hip Hop3-4 Hip Hop Fri
Tue5:15-6:005-7Acro5-7 Acro Tue
Sat10:30-11:155-7Acro5-7 Acro Sat
Fri5:15-6:005-7Ballet/Jazz5-7 Ballet/Jazz Fri
Tue6:15-7:005-7Jazz/Hip Hop5-7 Jazz/Hip Hop Tue
Sat11:30-12:155-7Jazz/Hip Hop5-7 Jazz/Hip Hop Sat
Tue4:15-5:005-7Triple Threat5-7 Triple Threat Tue
Tue5:15-6:005-7Ballet/Tap5-7 Ballet/Tap Tue
Sat10:30-11:155-7Ballet/Tap5-7 Ballet/Tap Sat
Tue6:15-7:006-10Straps6-10 Straps Tue
Sat11:30-12:156-10Straps6-10 Straps Sat
Tue6:15-7:008-11Acro8-11 Acro Tue
Tue4:15-5:008-11Ballet8-11 Ballet Tue
Tue5:15-6:008-11Contemporary8-11 Contemporary Tue
Tue7:15-8:008-11Hip Hop8-11 Hip Hop Tue
Fri4:15-5:008-11Tap8-11 Tap Fri
Tue5:15-6:008-11Triple Threat8-11 Triple Threat Tue
Fri4:15-5:00 5-7Cheer 5-7 Cheer Fri
Tue7:15-8:0010-12Aerial Arts10-12 Aerial Arts Tue
Tue9:15-10:0011+Straps11+ Straps Tue
Tue8:15-9:0012+Acro12+ Acro Tue
Fri7:15-8:0012+Acro12+ Acro Fri
Fri6:15-7:0012+Cheer12+ Cheer Fri
Tue8:15-9:0012+Contemporary12+ Contemporary Tue
Tue9:15-10:0012+Contemporary12+ Contemporary Tue
Tue7:15-8:0012+Hip Hop12+ Hip Hop Tue
Fri7:15-8:0012+Hip Hop12+ Hip Hop Fri
Tue9:15-10:0012+Jazz12+ Jazz Tue
Tue7:15-8:0012+Tap12+ Tap Tue
Tue6:15-7:0012+Triple Threat12+ Triple Threat Tue
Tue8:15-9:0012+Ballet12+ Ballet Tue
Tue8:15-9:0013+Aerial Arts13+ Aerial Arts Tue
Fri5:15-6:00  5-7Acro  5-7 Acro Fri
Fri4:15-5:00  5-7Ballet/Tap  5-7 Ballet/Tap Fri
Fri5:15-6:00  5-7Hip Hop  5-7 Hip Hop Fri
Fri6:15-7:00  5-7 Ballet  5-7  Ballet Fri
Fri7:15-8:00  6-10Straps  6-10 Straps Fri
Fri7:15-8:00  8-11Acro  8-11 Acro Fri
Fri5:15-6:00  8-11Cheer  8-11 Cheer Fri
Fri6:15-7:00  8-11Hip Hop  8-11 Hip Hop Fri
Fri6:15-7:00  8-11Jazz  8-11 Jazz Fri
Thu9:15-10:00AdultJazz/Hip HopAdult Jazz/Hip Hop Thu
Tue9:15-10:00AdultTapAdult Tap Tue
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