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Competitive Team Agreement

Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. Competitive Team Commitment (SDICT) Agreement - Addendum to Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. Terms and Conditions

Time Commitment


o    I understand that the SDICT is a commitment from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024 and that a dancer must complete the entire competition season. Only an injury would preclude a dancer from completing this commitment. Fees for competitive dance are NON-REFUNDABLE

o    I understand a competitive dancer may not miss more than FOUR team classes during the dance year (designated by colour). If four classes are missed, the piece(s) may be reworked with no guarantee that the dancer will retain a part in the dance. There are no refunds for unused costumes or classes

  • I understand excused absences are at the discretion of Sara. They must be arranged well in advance and will only be considered for school honours inductions, academic achievement banquets, school mandated absences resulting in a grade, and college/university auditions. Absences for any other activities including family vacations will not be excused. 
  • I understand 1-5 optional competitions, conventions and extra team events such as community service opportunities and workshops will be offered each season 

Mandatory Activities – No Exceptions


o    I understand a dancer must attend ALL scheduled choreography and rehearsal classes, extra rehearsals if scheduled, competitions, and Showcase and Recital performances. For the 2023/24 SDICT the following dates are MANDATORY - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Annual Competitive Showcase and Picture Days (this performance is open to the public and parents, family and friends require tickets to attend)
  • Final rehearsal class prior to each competition. Failure to attend means your dancer forfeits all fees and participation in the competition and there may be additional fees charged to the family to re-block dances
  • Competition #1: April 5-7, 2024
  • Competition #2: April 19-21, 2024
  • Competition #3: Believe May 2-5, 2024
  • Annual Recital: June 6-8
  • I understand a dancer MUST arrive at the competition and/or performance venue a MINIMUM of TWO HOURS before their scheduled time to dance or when doors open, in order to compete. Late arrivals will not compete

Cost Commitment 

  • I understand being a member of SDICT is a significant monetary commitment and agree to the following:

o    Prompt payment of class fees according to the signed payment agreement and schedule. NOTE: It is up to the parents/guardians to identify the individuals responsible for payments and ensure that all parents/guardians provide payments on time.

o    Prompt payment on the dates specified of all additional mandatory fees including, but not limited to, master dance class fees, fees for costumes, shoes, tights, jewelry and makeup, competition fees, convention fees, travel fees and Spotlight jacket fees (mandatory to compete)

o    I understand Competition Fees for mandatory competitions must be paid in FULL on the following dates and are NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Competition Fees Due – January 15, 2024

o    I understand payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE costume fee per competitive routine is mandatory by October 15, 2023 according to the following schedule: 

  •  Metallic Pre-Comp Girls $100 per routine
  • All Other Girls: $125 per routine  
  • All Other Boys: $75 per routine 
  • $70.00 costume deposit per non-competitive dance
  • Costumes remain the property of Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. until the end of the final Dance Into the Spotlight Showcase Recital in June, 2023. 
  • I understand if there is a final costume invoice, it is payable on receipt and by no later than May 30, 2024 – all costumes are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid IN FULL 

Appearance, Behaviour and Other

  •  I understand that I must do my part to ensure uniformity of stage presentation. My dancer MUST wear the required team makeup (including false eyelashes), costumes, hair style, tights (without holes and tears), accessories (including jewelry) and shoes to perform. It is my responsibility to ensure my dancer meets these requirements.
  • I understand all choreography is the property of Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. 
  • I understand my dancer may not be part of another competitive team while committed to Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. 
  • I understand all dancers and parents are representatives of the studio and any public displays of affection, foul language, bullying, inappropriate dress or topics of conversation, and overall rude behaviour are not allowed at the studio, competitions, performances or in any other venues connected to Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. Violations could lead to the forfeiture of all fees and dismissal from the team.
  • I understand a positive attitude and support for the team is a necessity. Dancers, parents and Spotlight instructors are expected to convey a positive attitude towards the team, the studio, instructors, the director and guests and to abide by the studio Code of Conduct and Social Media rules. Failure to support such efforts will not be tolerated. It is the sole responsibility of the Studio Director, Sara Hodgins, to deal with behavioural issues. Poor attitude or behaviour could ultimately lead to dismissal from the studio.


  • I understand the primary method for team communications is by email. Occasionally text notifications may also be used and some information will be posted on the website, Facebook group and page, Instagram and twitter. I understand it is my responsibility to stay on top of news and information. 
  • I understand I must refrain from posting questions on social media. Questions/concerns must be sent to Sara by email to

Informed Consent Agreement

I/We, the undersigned hereby acknowledge that certain Risks of Injury and/or Illness are inherent to participation in dance, performance and recreational activities. These types of injuries or illnesses may be minor or serious and may result from one’s actions, or the actions of others or inaction of others, or a combination of both.

I/We understand that the Studio Guidelines, including specific requirements related to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 or any other similar disease, are designed for the safety and protection of participants and hereby undertake to abide by these rules and regulations.

I/We hereby warrant being physically fit to participate and understand that the choice to participate brings with it the assumption of those risks and results, which are part of these activities.

I/We have reviewed and signed the Spotlight Danceworks Inc. COVID-19 Facilities Declaration and will abide by all of the rules and regulations included in the Declaration.

I/We agree that Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. or its contract instructors or agents shall not be liable for any injury or illness to my person or loss or damage to my personal property, arising from, or in any way resulting from participation in these activities in class, on premises, or at any related event.

I/We act as a parent or legal guardian to the child named herein and agree that Spotlight Danceworks Inc. or its contract instructors or agents shall not be liable for injury or illness to my child or children, and the loss or damage to the property of my child or children arising from, or in any way resulting from participation in these activities in class, on premises, or at any related event.

I/We have reviewed and understood the privacy policy of Spotlight Danceworks Inc. and provide consent to collect and utilize personal information in the conduct of our business.

Permission To Use Photographs

Terms And Conditions

It is understood and agreed that program and class withdrawals mandated by the direction of any Government of the Municipality of Clarington, the province of Ontario and/or Canada or their duly appointed agents, agencies or representatives, such as in the case with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, are beyond the control of Spotlight Danceworks Inc. Spotlight Danceworks Inc. does not provide refunds for classes cancelled by the direction of any third party.

It is understood and agreed that programs offered are subject to availability. Spotlight DanceWorks Inc., at its own discretion, may withdraw or cancel a program without notice or liability other than to refund fees for the withdrawn program. We regret that we are unable to provide a refund for dance equipment and/or manuals that may have been purchased for these programs.

It is understood and agreed that the first payment of fees and the non-refundable registration fee must accompany this registration. Fees are payable in advance according to the fee and payment schedule you have committed to. There are no discounts or refunds for classes a dancer misses for any reason including injury or illness, or for classes cancelled due to mandated closures or acts of nature beyond the control of Spotlight Danceworks Inc. such as snow storms.

It is understood and agreed that with registration, class placement is guaranteed for the full duration of the course year. Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing by the parent or guardian who signed the registration form to . Withdrawals will only be accepted until Nov 30 of each dance year. If a student withdraws, there are no refunds for the balance of the month of withdrawal. If a student withdraws after Nov 30, the full remaining fee for the course year will be charged upon withdrawal.

It is understood and agreed that Non-refundable Costume Fees for the year end recital are extra and must be paid by the date specified.

Spotlight DanceWorks Inc. reserves the right to suspend students for inappropriate conduct and/or non-payment of fees. In the case of inappropriate conduct fees are not refundable.

Anyone entering Spotlight Danceworks Inc. premises must comply with the Spotlight Danceworks Inc. COVID-19 Facilities Declaration and the Studio Guidelines and Policies

including class dress code and correct grooming as stated on the studio website. Students and Parents/Guardians are asked to acquaint themselves with our Studio Guidelines and Policies.

It is understood and agreed that an electronic signature entered into on any Spotlight Danceworks Inc. form is valid and binding.

It is understood and agreed that Spotlight Danceworks Inc. operates independently of its exclusive dancewear and studio gear partners, you must deal directly with these partners and Spotlight Danceworks Inc. is not a party to and does not get involved with any dealing with the partner.

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